Elaeon centres are non-formal education centres in various parts of the territory, licensed by the state for the subject matters they teach. These centres may have once been established as language schools, secondary education tutoring schools, or non-formal training centres. They've been certified by The αriston Project after exhaustive training for their instructors and their operating structures.

Elaeon centres have the expertise and infrastructure required for the future of work and function as business and education models for their executives and trainees.

Elaeon centres offer education and training in all the necessary fields and all the technical skills required for the conquest of the future of work, e.g. foreign languages, computers and software, presentation and interview techniques, etc.

Elaeon educational programmes are illustrated clearly in three concentric circles. The inner circle (objective circle) depicts programmes for all ages for the work future. The middle circle (circle of support) depicts programmes that support the daily learner (e.g. studies, business counselling, etc.) and the outer circle (tools and technical skills) depicts programmes that enhance the learner with technical, language, business and technological tools.

Elaeon centres prepare trainees for all certifications.

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