The British institution The αriston Project Ltd was founded in 2011, after an extended period of research and piloting of over 3,500 businesses and working professionals in 44 countries, which lasted from 1995 until its foundation.

The purpose of this organization is professional excellence in the future of work and the development and certification of necessary skills to accomplish this. The National Ambassador in Greece and Cyprus is Hyphen SA, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Inspired by the Common European Framework of Reference in Education (CEFR), The αriston Project Ltd has developed a common framework of reference with practical skills for both small and medium-enterprises, and for individual professionals (self-employed scientists or technicians). These skills relate to 8 professional and business functioning areas: Business and Marketing, Human Resources Management, Administration of Service and Clients, Service/Product Design, Service Resources, Service/Product Performance Assessment, Staff Support and the use of IT/Multi-media. There are 6 different levels of performance and excellence: 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 3a, and 3b.

In Greece, hundreds of businesses and professionals have joined training, development and certification programmes since 2012 with spectacular results amid the crisis. At the same time thousands of students in non-formal education centres have been trained following the learning method implemented by The αriston Project throughout Greece.

Today, the School of The αriston Project is located in a virtual network cloud and implementations of learning objectives occur in local Elaeon centres.