The current crisis, like all human crises, is experienced on a political, social, economic and humanitarian level. It's not too different from the industrial revolution crisis, where machines replaced people.

The crisis itself marks a change that has already occurred, while people are trained for a world before this change.

There are six drivers that brought this change along: extreme longevity, rise of smart machines and systems, computational world, new media ecology, superstructured organizations, and a globally-connected world.

It's time for us to go beyond education aimed at obtaining simple technical skills, e.g. foreign languages, computing, etc. These are merely necessary tools and vehicles of the actual skills required of us to respond to the drivers of change.

What are these skills then? 

They are trans-disciplinarity, sense-making, novel and adaptive thinking, social intelligence, new media literacy, design mindset, cognitive load management, computational thinking, cross-cultural competency, and virtual collaboration.

There is now such a School, in the Cloud, which aims at the development of these skills in children and adults.

Elaeon are certified educational monitoring and development centres for students of this school.

Welcome to the Future of Work!

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