Drivers – disruptive shifts that will reshape the workforce landscape Key skill needed for the future workplace

Extreme longevity
Increasing global lifespans change the nature of careers and learning

Computational world
Massive increase in sensors and processing power make the world a programmable system

Superstructured organizations
Social technologies drive new forms of production and value creation

Rise of smart machines and systems
Workplace robotics nudge human workers out of rote, repetitive tasks

New media ecology
New communication tools require new media literacies beyond text

Globally-connected world
Increased global interconnectivity puts diversity and adaptability at the centre of organizational operations.

  • Sense-making
  • Novel and Adaptive thinking
  • Social Intelligence
  • Trans-disciplinarity
  • New Media Literacy
  • Computational Thinking
  • Cognitive Load Management
  • Design Mindset
  • Cross-cultural Competency
  • Virtual collaboration

Institute for the Future for University of Phoenix Research Institute.