Diagnosis of learning and communication styles

All people differ neurologically. By becoming conscious of the style in which they learn and communicate, they reach their goal faster and learn more effectively.

Elaeon centres offer a free online diagnostic test to all learners, followed by intensive learning guidance based on the learning test. Every student receives a certificate in their visual, auditory and kinesthetic responses to stimuli and then an instructor plans courses considering the learning style of each student.

Click here for a free learning styles and communications competencies test.

Differentiated instruction

Differentiated instruction is a modern and scientifically verified methodology approach to the student and the classroom. Specially trained instructors and mentors plan each lesson by considering the desired outcome for each student. Using tools, such as Bloom's taxonomy, it ensures that at the end of the course, not only are learning gaps fully covered, but that each student is fully aware that what they've learned will have practical value for them and their development.

Click here for a free learning styles and communications competencies test.

Flipped classroom

In 99% of training centres and schools, teaching time means mostly lecturing (to ages that are not accustomed to learning this way). At the end, the most critical part, which is the application of the course, is given as homework, which sometimes is not even assessed due to time constraints. At Elaeon centres, this process is reversed. Courses are offered online along with audio-visual stimuli and blackboard simulation. The learner is able to return to points that are not understood, or remain at points to conduct further research. The student is then able to attend a real classroom for hands-on training, to have questions answered, and to see more examples. All this so the student is able to fully understand and absorb the subject matter.

Knowledge Management System (KMS)
Each Elaeon centre has its own electronic platform in order to manage all learning operations. On this platform, each student has their own account through which they stay informed, receive assignments, work on projects with fellow students (even from other Elaeon centres), work on case studies, and prepare for debates and presentations. Also, they can monitor their progress and manage their personal blog, an important part of their e-portfolio.

WIMFU (What's In Me For You)

This is the learner's most important orientation tool for each learning objective.

The student or senior trainee is taught how to highlight their competitive advantage through experience and techniques they acquire.

Along with gaining self-discipline and knowledge of the environment in which they compete, students will be able to adjust their competitive edge to this environment.