Cooperation Terms 

  1. To become a The αriston Project Partner and get Elaeon accreditation you will go through a short diagnostic process to certify compliance with the accreditation criteria once every three years, after a six-month trial period and preparation of your school.
  2. If the school does not comply with the requirements of The αriston Project, it remains in a trial state until full compliance with the result of the diagnostic process. The school continues to enjoy all rights of an Elaeon centre, in addition to providing educational programmes.
  3. The fee is set at 3600 € + VAT for three years and the amount is divided in three equal annual payments → 1200 € + VAT/year.
  4. In case of non-payment of the agreed amount, cooperation will be suspended, but the school has the right to allocate available pre-paid codes to students, who in turn are transferred to the Hyphen’s Knowledge Management System.
  5. If a school suspends cooperation, it should cease the Knowledge Management System within 15 days, send school data on an excel file to The αriston Project, along with students' personal data and scores. In the same 15-day period, a consultant from The αriston Project will visit the school (with charges incurred by the school) for delivering and collecting material. Remaining licenses/codes may not be returned.
  6. After three years, if not renewed, the Partnership and pre-paid codes (should they exist) will be void.
  7. To become an Elaeon educational centre, there is the obligation of the training and certification of teachers involved, as well as the entrepreneur in ROIedu programmes (for the owner and director, if any) and DIC - The Differentiated Instruction Course (for trainers).
  8. School, owner and teacher certifications are valid for three years.
  9. Individual skill certifications will be awarded by The αriston Project after testing. If not awarded, you need to repeat the course which the certification refers to.
  10. In case of accession of new products and educational programmes selected by an Elaeon centre, The αriston Project is entitled to contest the inclusion of the new product in the Elaeon centre’s programme, if it determines that there is a change in the nature and philosophy of The αriston Project.
  11. Once payments are finalized and the application is accepted, it is mandatory that logos will be posted on the business itself and its electronic showcase.

Non-compliance with the contract may lead to revocation of the Elaeon centre's certification and therefore its ability to continue to teach educational products.

Accreditation criteria 

  1. Convergence with the logistical diagnostic criteria of Hyphen SA. Elaeon centres are given a six-month trial period for convergence to be successfully completed.
  2. The infrastructure should comply with the following minimum requirements: to be consistent with legitimacy in the operating conditions; to contribute to the added value of educational product and quality; to support the educational programme; to respect and in some cases anticipate the nature and needs of the customer; to be integrated into the production process continuously; and to plan investments coherently and not spontaneously.
  3. Convergence with legal requirements, e.g. operating license.
  4. Certification of any instructors that will deal with products of The αriston Project under the terms of the programme.
  5. Differentiated entrepreneurship certification (ROIEDU Biz) for any owner, who's company generates less than 300,000 Euros annually. If it is a company, all partners should have the Differentiated entrepreneurship certification (ROIEDU Biz with 80% scholarship).
  6. Teaching licenses from the National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications & Vocational Guidance (EOPPEP) for all teaching staff.
  7. Financial statements for the past three years if there are no published balance sheets.
  8. Elaeon centres should publish products by The αriston Project, each and every time they come about.
  9. Minimum equipment required: Classrooms for 10 people, computer, blackboard, projector and internet access.
  10. First Aid kit.


  1. Mini diagnostic assessment → Proper administrative organization is the backbone for the economic and legal documentation of the language school; for ensuring smooth, legal and functional human relations; for cultivating talent and added value skills; and for successfully monitoring and evaluating finances, marketing, communication and exposure, as well as time and resource management. Financial planning and budgeting based on realistic cost centres are needed, the analysis and planning of which will help realistic targeting development of the educational enterprise. Through online procedures, The αriston Project will document the logistics of school equipment, educational processes followed, economic strategies and the impact of these factors on parents and students so as to improve the benefits of the training provider.
  2. Right to sell the products of The αriston Project → Elaeon centres will teach all educational material about the future of work and the technical skills required for the conquest of the future of work, e.g. foreign languages, use of IT/software, presentation and interview techniques, etc. For Parents Only School: Monthly meetings with the parents of the educational institution using communication, educational and technological means, as well as methodologies that create the necessary collaboration framework to strengthen the students of the future. Educational platform Young Pioneers: the most innovative study system that currently exists in Greece for students from the third to the ninth grades. Students attend all classes of their level on techniques for developing critical thinking and commitment to the substance of the course. Snapshots and Projects: At the end of each week, the student has to complete a short assignment (task), obtained through the Snapshots, which are the heart of the programme. This assignment makes use of the trans-disciplinary knowledge gained by the student throughout the week and is usually based on current events. Students are given a wide variety of enrichment material, data, video, etc. and asked to write a short essay that requires critical thinking, computing skills and emotional intelligence. Snapshots then lead to the Project that the student has to complete once a month, using all the skills and information they gained the previous month. For secondary education level students, snapshots and projects are in English. ROIedu 16-25: aimed at teenagers and young adults who are preparing to enter the work market, either for a dynamic Start-Up, or to find work in the international competitive arena. The programme is conducted exclusively in English and simultaneously develops technical skills, communication skills and cross-cultural understanding, through the experience of hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives. ROIedu Biz: Based on strictly technocratic, scientific, experiential and holistic approaches, it introduces a code of correct entrepreneurial practices for small and medium-sized businesses and professionals, so as for them to perform with assured viability and high productivity in the constantly changing new economic environment.
  3. Training teachers on educational products → Teachers through the educational Differentiated Instruction Course programme train on the future work skills and learn to use the results of the diagnosis of learning and communication styles derived from learning tests taken by all students of the The αriston Project programmes. Also, teachers grow into experts in differentiated teaching through the flipped classroom process.
  4. Access to the educational platform edu Knowledge Management System → Access licenses for the educational platform are issued in the form of plastic cards with which parents and students enter and register.
  5. Using the educational platform edu Knowledge Management System → Each Elaeon centre provides all students with the electronic educational operation management platform. On this platform, each student has his own account, through which they stay informed, receive assignments, work on projects with fellow students of the same or other Elaeon centres, work on case studies, and prepare for debates and presentations. Also, they can monitor their own progress and manage their personal blog, which is an important part of their e-portfolio.
  6. Required notes → For all educational programmes, notes and rich educational materials are given to enhance, enrich and provide additional information on the learning objectives that students are taught. Trainees are further instructed and supported by certified educational and scientific staff of the αriston Project.