For Parents Only

The community for parents only is for parents who wish to acquire the tools and the knowledge necessary in order to effectively support their children in the development of their skills, and the decision making process concerning their future.

The community members have multiple benefits, such as:

  • Ongoing online education and webinars concerning children’s learning difficulties, proper nutrition, children’s exercise, and many others.
  • Free online learning personality tests, so that parents and students can find out in which way the latter are more efficient in the classroom.
  • Networking with other parents, with child-psychologists and scientists specialized on education.
  • Access to an electronic –supporting teaching - study platform for students from the 3rd grade of primary to the 3rd grade of secondary school, complete with all units of specific school books, which cover all learning types in the form they are presented. For those interested in deepening in their learning of English, there is the Young Pioneers STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), guaranteeing not only the proper learning of a foreign language but also a C2 level (excellent knowledge) certification after a complete 4-5 years circle of studies.
  • Development of the skills which are mandatory for the job market of the future, such as interdisciplinarity, transferable professional skills, critical understanding and thought, modern and adaptive reasoning, social intelligence, improvisational mindset, cognitive object management, calculative thinking, intercultural awareness and virtual cooperation.
  • Free use of selected tools, like Microsoft Office 365, an e-mail account, storing space at 50GB Internet capacity and access to Skype for business, for the creation of virtual classrooms via teleconference.